About the Journal

LSAF Journal of Empirical Studies serves as a platform for academic scholars and practitioners to utilize empirical tools for more precise scientific findings in management sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The journal publishes empirical research in various fields including Economics, Finance, Accountancy, International Finance, Macroeconomic Aspects of Finance, Banking, Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Markets and Institutions of Emerging Markets, Public Economics and Public Policy, Financial Economics, Applied Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Econometrics, General Financial Markets, Financial Institutions, Behavioral Finance, Public Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Management, Options and Futures, Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue, Corporate Finance and Governance, Money and Banking, and Islamic Banking. The research encompasses cross-section, time series, and panel analysis. The journal follows a bi-annual publication schedule.

All articles undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. Submissions are welcomed from academics, researchers, and practitioners in all areas related to applied sciences. Each manuscript should include a 200 to 250-word abstract.